Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Wine Comes From Sour Grapes

"Much to the dismay of many Democrats, Hillary Ramrod'm is on her 'Sour Grapes' tour, where she is blaming everyone else for her loss, except for the one person whose fault it was -- she herself. Maybe she's afraid to say that because that would make her sexist. She looks like a crazy cat lady with a hangover. She says she takes full responsibility for her decisions, but that did not cost her the election. That's like a pitcher blaming his loss on the batters. Halfway through her bitter speech, Hillary held up the severed head of her pollster, Nate Silver, from ESPN. Lady, you hired a guy who actually thinks football linemen are talented; whattaya expect. In a related story, Tiger Woods called up Hillary and offered her an intervention."

Tip of the hat to Rocky D 
Red Nation Rising Radio

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