Friday, June 24, 2016

Hillary's Top Ten Excuses for Stealing Spoons

When Hillary and Bill left Washington, D.C. back in 2001, massive amounts of White House property left with them. Included in their booty was the White House's flatware, which became an embarrassment for Hillary once the theft was discovered. However, the Hillary for President campaign staff has released a list of their ten best reasons why her spoon poaching isn't really any big deal:

1. Hillary stole the spoons by mistake.
2. Hillary misinterpreted the spoon stealing rules.
3. Hillary forgot the spoons were in her pantsuit.
4. Hillary needed those spoons to eat with.
5. Hillary didn't steal any sporks.
6. Hillary returned some of the stolen spoons.
7. Hillary couldn't return any spoons she had already pawned.
8. Hillary cut the National Park Service a check after they caught her.
9. Hillary thinks her servants took some spoons too.
10. Hillary says it is all Bill's fault!

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