Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hillary is not an alcoholic

Hillary isn't an alcoholic. She's quit drinking dozens of time.

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    George Meredith MD

    In the year that preceded her run for the Democratic nomination, Hillary’s aides pressured her to go to the Betty Ford Clinic because of her alcoholism. Willful Hillary resisted, choosing instead to detoxify under the direction of an unnamed Internal Medicine detox specialist, working out of her Westchester home.

    Curiously when her Internist Lisa Bandack MD released her medical record ( summary) last year, she neglected to mention Hillary’s alcohol rehab report. And the key liver function studies were likewise omitted from this personal physicians report. Go to the July 28, 2015 Bandack "summary" and search for yourself….you will find no CDT, no MCV, no GGT, no AST, ho BAC (Blood Alcohol Test) and no AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test).

    Hillary and her doctors chose to hide these things from us. Remember, Hillary has important ties with a vast narco trafficking network and as such she has the connections.....judges, prosecutors, DEA, DOJ, electronic media, etc.......money and political power enough to steal this election. And, were she to win this election, her temper tantrums, so well known to her staff and her secret service detail.......why, her temper tantrums would place Planet Earth at considerable risk …..,.therefore, WE THE PEOPLE should insist on a (BAC) blood alcohol level should she, in a drunken rage, decide to push THE NUCLEAR BUTTON

    George Meredith MD

    Virginia Beach


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