Wednesday, July 20, 2016

25 Hillary So Old Jokes

Hillary Clinton is so old that:

1. She wears a Hillary mask on Halloween.

2. Eve got the apple from her.

3. The Book of Revelations was written about her.

4. The star she was born under burned out.

5. She drinks embalming fluid.

6. Monkeys evolved from her.

7. Her slave plantation burned down during the Civil War.

8. Her autobiography’s copyright ran out.

9. Her stem cells are bacteria.

10. Her blood type expired.

11. She knew Anthony Weiner as a Vienna Sausage.

12. Her living bra died.

13. Her birthday cake candles caused Global Warming.

14. Her liver spots have liver spots.

15. She's built up a resistance to Botox.

16. Her cankles have more rings that redwood trees.

17. She holds the original patent on lying to voters.

18. Her wisdom teeth are senile.

19. Her makeup kit includes stucco.

20. Her campaign walker has an oxygen tank.

21. Her teeth don't sleep with her anymore.

22. She has a hoveround limousine.

23. Sir Edmund Hillary was named after her.

24. They no longer have parts for her.

25. Her kidney stones are fossilized.

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