Thursday, June 9, 2016

Snopes Poo-Poos Hillary's Poo Poo

A picture of Hillary Clinton showing a poo spot on the back of her skirt has gone viral on the Web, much to the dismay of Snopes, a site dedicated to promoting Hillary 24/7 and "fact-checking" Internet jokes. Snopes has fired off a post claiming that the original joke meme was digitally altered. 


  1. Hillary makes stinky poo poo in pants. She should wear Depends so we don't have see poop stain.

  2. She poo pooed on her chance at being President when she poo pooed in her pants.

  3. That had to be one heck of a Shart to blow through that girdle. Must of been a MOABF (Mother of all beer farts)./

  4. Uh, how clean is clean? I guess I best not post.

  5. Mrs. Clinton shat herself
    and messed her silken breeches.
    Her fatso pants were full of crap
    and likewise all her speeches.


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